LabArchives Sponsor Message

Pro Vice Chancellor - Research Operations

At the University of Adelaide, we need to offer the best services possible to support our academics and students in storing and sharing their research information. A university-wide Electronic Research Notebooks (ERN) solution can improve quality, collaboration, accessibility, searchability, security, and efficiency when it comes to capturing research data. That's why we've chosen to introduce LabArchives.

LabArchives helps us to solve some of the issues that we currently face, such as:

  • Reduced efficiency through the continued use of paper notebooks,
  • Difficulties in collaboration, particularly for dispersed multidisciplinary research groups, and
  • Organisational risks around the loss of data and information, particularly after people have left.

LabArchives is an established product within the university sector in Australia, has received positive feedback, and is also the ERN of choice for most of the other Go8 universities. It's a flexible tool that has wider application than just within the lab.

So regardless of what your area of research is, I encourage you all to explore LabArchives with a view to using it to store and manage your primary materials, research data, standard operating procedures, lab protocols and more.

Kind regards,

Professor Mike Liebelt
Pro Vice-Chancellor - Research Operations
Dean of Graduate Studies