About LabArchives

LabArchives is an electronic research notebook that can be used across all discipline areas where there is a need to store and organise working research data and digital material.

LabArchives helps you to manage all of your research data within a single location. With LabArchives, you can:

  • Organise your data in a customisable folder structure and add pages
  • Store any type of data
  • Use the built-in page tools to create rich text data, add sketches and annotations and upload MS Office documents
  • Use the page widgets to create interactive content
  • Choose how much of your data to share, and with whom
  • Collaborate with other researchers both internally and externally to the UofA
  • Keep track of versions and updates to your files and data
  • Supervise your students' research and sign off on page content

LabArchives has apps for Android and Apple that allow you to upload data and access your notebooks on the go and in the field.