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Your Researcher Profile is ready for you to view, edit, update and share...

Find your profile using the following URL details

Hint: firstname.lastname combination is the same as your UofA email address details.

For information on how to update your Researcher Profiles, please refer to the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Step 1Add a Photo and Profile Information in Aurora

    Login to Aurora and upload a photo, include an overview (bio), and add other information such as appointments, education and external links (i.e. Google Scholar, ResearchGate, LinkedIn etc.)

    Download the Quick Reference Guide to Editing Your Profile pdf.

    You can also add the following content to your researcher profile:

  • Step 2View and Update Your Researcher Profile

    All changes made in Aurora will update on your Researcher Profiles via an overnight process, ready for you to view the next day.

    Your new Researcher Profile URL will be:

    In additional to updating content in Aurora, you can also add the following additional content to your researcher profile:

    • Describe your Research Activities pdf - once your profile is created, you can add additional information about your research activities (projects, groups, key collaborators, images, etc.). The My Research free-text area provides flexibility to do this.
    • List your Grants and Funding pdf - highlight your research funding (internal, national or international schemes) in a dedicated free-text area, Grants and Funding.
      • Describe your Teaching Activities pdf - you can add additional information about your teaching activities (ie lectures, courses developed etc.). The Teaching tab is also a free-text area.
        • Describe your Supervision Activities pdf - information about your supervising activities (HDR's, PhD etc) can be added here. The Supervising tab also allows free-text to do this.
        • Include your Contact Details pdf - show your PhoneBook contact information on your new profile. If this needs to be updated, you can update your contact details online.
  • Step 3Make Your Researcher Profile Public

    Data from your Aurora profile flows through to your Researcher Profile after an overnight update process.  If you require the updates in your Researcher Profile quicker, it's possible to 'force' a synchronisation. Only those with 'editor' access or Aurora Support can perform this action.

    Forcing Synchronisation  Initiating a synchronisation from your data in Aurora, to your Researcher Profile within minutes.

    Initially only you can view your profile. Once you're happy with the content of your profile, go ahead and make it public for all to see. You can of course continue to update your profile after this.

    Making My Profile Public pdf The final step requires people to 'Make this profile public' so others can see you Researcher Profile. Hint: Look for the big red button.

    Updating the Staff Directory

    When your Researcher Profile is public, links to the profile website will be automatically added to your Staff Directory page. Linking the two pages together.

    However: It is recommended that you remove old and out-of-date content from your Staff Directory Homepage (if you have one). This will mean your Researcher Profile is the only place you need to update/ maintain your research information moving forward.

    For further information on how to remove content from Staff Directory, please refer to the Marketing & Communication website.

Need Help? Contact Us

If you have any questions about the new Researcher Profiles or need assistance please contact Aurora Support.

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