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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why give to the University of Adelaide?

    A university’s worth, its ‘greatness’, should be judged by its value to society. That is why the heart of the University of Adelaide’s vision for the future is our commitment to becoming a great research university. Our vision is, of course, a long-term one. Greatness is not achieved overnight. It is vital, however, to begin to put in place the foundation on which greatness will be built.

    Our goals can only be achieved with the support and involvement of the wider University community. They can only be achieved by the community sharing the University’s vision of the crucial contribution we can play at a local, national and international level. As a member of that community, you have the power, and the opportunity, to help the University fulfil our contribution to society. That is at the centre of our goal to become a great research university, and it is something to which we should all aspire.

  • What is a gift?

    The Australian Tax Office considers gifts to have the following characteristics:

    • There is a transfer of money or property (Money/property must become property of the DGR)
    • The transfer is made voluntarily
    • The transfer arises by way of benefaction (the University must have absolute discretion as to the use of the money/property)
    • No material benefit or advantage is received by the donor
  • What is material benefit?

    A material benefit is not derived where any benefit provided to a donor by the University is insignificant compared to the value of the donation.

    This is dependant on the situation, e.g. a keyring provided is insignificant in the context of a $4,000 donation but significant in the context of a $4 donation. Recognition is commonly not a material benefit, however, recognition and/or acknowledgement that is in effect advertising of a gift from a company or organisation for taxation purposes, would be considered a material benefit to the company or organisation in return for the donation. In these cases the transaction would be taxable, and is treated as sponsorship not a donation.

    Naming rights provided to a donor may give rise to a material benefit where the donor is a business. In most situations naming rights provided to an individual will not be a material benefit.

  • Is the University a Deductible Gift Recipient?

    Yes. The University of Adelaide is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office to receive gifts for which a donor may claim a tax deduction.

  • I’m an international donor. Will I receive a tax deduction for my gift?

    Canadian and United States donors may be eligible to receive a tax deduction in their home countries.

    Donors from other countries are still able to donate using our giving form, however they will not be eligible for a tax deduction.

  • How do I donate money to the University?

    You can donate to the University using:

  • Can I make a pledge or recurring credit card gift?

    Yes, you can make a pledge to the University of Adelaide and reminder letters will be sent to you regarding the amount due for your pledge. If you would like to make an annual pledge to the University, please contact us.

    Alternatively you can make a recurring gift with your credit card using our online giving form.

  • Does the University accept non-monetary gifts?

    Yes. The University accepts many types of gifts. Please visit our Ways to Give section for more information.

  • How will my gift be invested?

    Please see the University's investment strategy.

  • I would like to leave a Bequest to the University and would like some wording for my Will.

    The University can help you plan a bequest that best fits your wishes. When considering the University of Adelaide in your Will, it is recommended that you seek independent legal advice, and any bequest to the University of Adelaide should be made after family and friends have been considered.

  • How do I donate to University of Adelaide clubs and associations?

    Please refer to the webpage or contact External Relations via email or phone +61 8 8313 5800.

  • How often will I be contacted?

    The University generally contacts donors twice per year regarding its Appeals. We may also send you information if you have been invited to one of the University’s Donor Recognition Programs, such as the Hughes Bequest Society. Donors can ‘unsubscribe’ themselves from these communications by contacting External Relations on +61 8 8313 5800 or by email.

  • What is the University’s ABN?

    The University's ABN is:  61 249 878 937.

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