Augustus Short Scholarship Appeal

Starting University can be particularly challenging for country students.

Hailing from Wallaroo, Catherine Sloper is just one of the many students who has been able to confidently start their University studies thanks to an Augustus Short Scholarship.

Support country students in need

"When you make a gift to the Augustus Short Scholarship fund, you aren’t just helping students pay for textbooks – you are offering a lifeline to students from regional areas. You are showing us that where we live shouldn’t determine whether or not we go to uni."


Going to uni meant leaving mum, dad and the community I’d grown up in. What made a difference was receiving this scholarship.Catherine Sloper, 2018 recipient of the Augustus Short Scholarship; Student, Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Science)
Scholarship recipient student standing next to a horse holding the reins

"I was 18 when I finished high school. I had done my research, and knew that the best place to set me on track for my career with animals was at the University of Adelaide. Thinking about leaving home made me worry about how I would be able to afford everything. The degree I chose is really intensive, with close to 35 class hours each week, plus all the extra study. I couldn’t see how I would be able to fit part-time work in around my studies.

My year 12 teacher at Kadina Memorial School encouraged me to apply for an Augustus Short Scholarship to help with the costs of moving so far away from my family and home. I finished year 12 with an ATAR of 97.25 – the long nights and weekends of study paid off!

After classes that run 9 to 5 most days, I study every night at home, and usually one extra day every weekend. If I didn’t have the scholarship, I don’t know how I’d make it through uni, because there just isn’t any time in my week for a part-time job. To get ready for uni, I saved as much as I could and bought myself a secondhand car to help with visits back home, and travelling to uni. Buying my car used up everything I had been able to save.

The scholarship has helped me buy textbooks, put petrol in my car and contribute towards food. In the next few years of my degree, I'll have the opportunity to travel for vet placements, and the scholarship will help me manage those too. It’s hard to explain to you the impact the scholarship has had on my life, because I simply don’t know how I would be able to stay at uni without it."

Catherine Sloper with Alapacas
It’s hard to explain to you the impact the scholarship has had on my life, because I simply don’t know how I would be able to stay at uni without it.Catherine Sloper

"Your gift will help the vets, doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers, musicians and leaders of tomorrow step confidently into their university careers and beyond. Your gift is a vote of confidence in the contributions we will make in the future. Thank you for believing in us." 

Dr Augustus Short founded the University of Adelaide, and believed that no student should be prevented from pursuing a higher education because of financial hardship.

We know that some of Australia’s highest-achieving students run the risk of never making it to university because they live in country areas and are facing financial hardship.

Augustus Short Scholarships offer these students meaningful financial support throughout their undergraduate degree, removing barriers to their participation in higher education.

In naming this scholarship fund, we acknowledge the profound impact Dr Augustus Short had on the University.

You can make a gift online in honour of Dr Augustus Short or by getting in touch with our Development team on +61 8 8313 5800 or