Update on our agribusiness-flavoured MOOC

‘Understanding Agribusiness, Value Chains and Consumers in Global Food Systems’ is a free online course developed by staff at GFAR. The course has been available for enrolment and self-paced learning on the edX platform since mid-2019. Anyone, anywhere in the world with internet access, can access the course and so far it has attracted almost 4500 enrolments from more than 155 different countries!

Free online course: Understanding Agribusiness

Free online course: Understanding Agribusiness

The course continues to draw a diverse range of people interested in agribusiness, from a fish farmer in Zimbabwe to a biologist in Portugal and an engineer in Mexico. The list of people signing up to learn more is fascinating, as they interact on the discussion board with each other and the course presenters, sharing their perspectives and insights.  

The course is presented by members of the GFAR team: Professor Wendy Umberger, Craig Johns, Dr Alexandra Peralta and Elizabeth Gunner. It is made up of written content and short videos delivered by the presenters and industry representatives, all fitted together to deliver key concepts on the dynamics of agri-food markets, value chains, consumer behaviour and how it all fits together in the global food system.


MOOC team, from left to right: Craig Johns, Dr. Alexandra Peralta, Dr. Tash Caulfield, Professor Wendy Umberger, Liz Gunner

More specifically, during the course participants learn:

  • How to recognise the characteristics of global food systems
  • The multiple variables impacting global food systems
  • How to identify value chain thinking and how it differs from supply chain thinking
  • The characteristics of agri-food markets, what influences their supply and demand, and what sets them apart from other markets
  • The role played by external factors such as population and income growth, globalisation, climate change,  technology, and international trade in global food systems, agribusiness and value chains
  • How to recognize the role the consumer plays in the food system, markets and value chains

This week the course won a University of Adelaide, Faculty of the Professions Executive Dean Award for ‘21st Century Learning and Teaching’. This win has encouraged the GFAR team to keep exploring new ways of delivering our course content and engaging with learners.

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