How Alumni Claire Adams turned her passion into a career

Claire Adams

Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business Alumni Claire Adams has always had an interest in agriculture and how it is integrated in business.

“I have a BA (Anthropology) and a BSc with Honours in Environmental Biology from the University of Adelaide. I’m interested in many aspects of agribusiness, on a local and global level, and wanted to round out my education with some areas of more specific knowledge.”

When searching for a degree that would both enhance her current abilities, and push her to further develop key skills in a growing industry, Claire found the Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business (GFAB) fit her needs perfectly.

“The Master of GFAB gave me an opportunity to explore agriculture from many aspects including policy and economics, as well as giving me some direct experience.”

The flexibility of the program and focus on a personal and practical experiences were key in Claire’s decision to study with the University of Adelaide.

“The structure of the degree with intensive courses and smaller class sizes, incorporating opportunities for internships, as well as the variety of courses on offer were key features. Also, having completed my undergraduate degrees at the University of Adelaide I knew the quality of teaching and learning facilities would be excellent.”

One of the benefits of the Master of GFAB program is the cohort, with students from over 20 different countries sharing their insights and experiences. Claire found this international aspect of the program to be one of the highlights of her degree.

“I enjoy learning from other students in my classes who come from many different backgrounds to what I have experienced in life. I also enjoy being able to explore particular areas of interest in depth with the ability to choose electives from multiple disciplines.”

As part of her studies, Claire represented the University in a team at the 2019 International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) conference, held in Hangzhao, China. Claire and the team competed in a case study competition, where they were given 4 hours to draw on the experience of their degrees, and give a 15 minute presentation on a case – Biotechnology from an Emerging Country. Whilst Claire and the team did not progress to the finals, they received positive feedback, extended their networks and were able to enjoy the conference.

Upon completing her degree in late 2019, Claire set out to secure a graduate position with Rural Bank, whose graduate program exposes employees to a wide range of agri-business careers. 

“There are so many different jobs that you don’t even know exist until you are in an organisation!”Claire Adams

Whilst Claire missed out on a coveted graduate position, the program manager was so impressed with Claire’s skills and tenacity, that she was offered another role within the company as an Agribusiness Support Officer.

“Whilst I did miss out on a grad role, this is my foot in the door and it’s so important to get a role like this with the market as it is. Through my role, I have had access to some of the benefits of the grad program including the networking events which have been very beneficial.”

Looking to the future, Claire hopes to continue working in the industry, using her skills in data analysis and research to assist businesses and NGOs.

“I want to help local level business’ grow and be more competitive, or perhaps on the global level work with an NGO in achieving positive changes for developing countries in agriculture.”

Claire Adams is just one the many amazing alumni who have graduated from our Global Food and Agricultural Business Programs.  With the agribusiness industry continuing to grow, the time has never been more perfect to pursue your passion for food and make an impact on a global scale. Kick-start your agribusiness career in 2021 with a scholarship of up to 50% for our Global Food and Agricultural Business programs. Contact to find out more.

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