We welcome GFAR’s newest PhD student, Louise Capel

Louise Capel has joined GFAR to undertake a PhD under the supervision of Professor Sarah Wheeler and Dr Alec Zuo. Louise studied agricultural economics at the University of Sydney before relocating to Europe where she has lived for the past 12 years.

Louise Capel

It was during this time that she became an avid whitewater kayaker which, in turn, led to her interest in water resource policy. This interest led to a master’s degree in life science economics and policy at the Technical University Munich in Germany with a final thesis examining the trade-offs between environmental and socio-economic outcomes in the Murray-Darling Basin. Louise’s PhD will focus on water reform in the Murray-Darling Basin and is part of an ARC Discovery project led by Professor Wheeler.

Louise began her PhD in October 2020 with GFAR after her initial flight to Australia was cancelled in August due to passenger caps restricting traveller numbers. Since then, she has had a further three flights cancelled. We are hoping that Louise will be able to make it on her next scheduled flight on the 23rd of March!

“Starting my PhD remotely and in lockdown has been an interesting experience.”, says Louise, “I am lucky to have the support of Sarah and Alec, my supervisors, and also of my “adopted” family in the Czech Republic, but I am looking forward to getting to Adelaide when I feel I can properly begin.” Louise Capel


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