Strengthening small-scale agricultural exports to China: Evaluation of two innovative marketing channels



China is Australia’s top market for agricultural exports, yet benefits to small exporters have been limited. This project explores two innovative marketing channels to help small exporters: agritourism and corporate gifting. It will rigorously evaluate the potential impacts of agritourism and corporate gifting on small-scale exports to China, and the effectiveness of established and emerging Chinese e-commerce platforms facilitating these exports.

This project will utilise the extensive social networks the research team has with small agricultural exporters, with a specifically focus on fruit, wine and honey industries in South Australia. It is also jointly facilitated by a local travel agency specialising in Chinese group tours, and a premium supermarket chain in Shanghai, China.

The project will inform small exporters about the potential impacts of agritourism and corporate gifting their agricultural exports, thereby introducing them to these niche markets. It will also provide market intelligence of major Chinese e-commerce platforms as small exporters’ potential retail channels to directly serve Chinese consumers, and help small exporters form business strategies that incorporates feasible plans to increase exports to China. Moreover, small exporters may benefit from the newly established networks with Chinese investors.

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Project objectives

Objective One: Evaluate the potential impacts of agritourism and corporate gifting on small-scale horticultural exports to China.

Objective Two: Assess the effectiveness of emerging Chinese e-commerce platforms in facilitating small-scale horticultural exports from Australia.

Objective Three: Help small exporters form business strategies to better serve Chinese markets.


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