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Commonwealth Supported

As a domestic student, you could be entitled to a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) at University. This means that the Australian Government subsidises your fees so that you only pay the remainder of the fees through a 'student contribution' amount.

Domestic Commonwealth Supported Students

Only an approved Australian higher education provider can offer domestic students a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP).

CSPs for eligible students are available in all undergraduate programs of study (limited CSPs are available in dentistry, medicine, oral health, and veterinary science).

If you study in a CSP:

  • the Commonwealth contributes to the cost of your courses
  • you pay a Student Contribution towards the cost of your courses
  • you may be eligible for HECS-HELP assistance to pay your student contribution.

To be eligible for a CSP you must be either:

  • an Australian citizen AND will undertake, in Australia, at least one unit of study contributing to your course of study
  • a permanent visa holder (check Link to external website for the list of visa subclasses) or a New Zealand citizen AND will be resident in Australia for the duration of your unit.

Student Contribution Amounts

The Student Contribution (SC) amounts for one year of full-time study at The University of Adelaide are based on the following:

Band 1


Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, Social Studies, Foreign languages, Visual and Performing Arts, Education*, Nursing*, Clinical Psychology
Band 2 $9,527
Computing, Built Environment, Other Health, Allied Health, Engineering, Surveying, Agriculture, Science, Mathematics, Statistics
Band 3 $11,155
Law, Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Accounting, Administration, Economics, Commerce

*For pre-2010 students, the maximum annual student contribution amount that may be charged for Education and Nursing units is $5,348.

2021                                    New student contribution bands in 2021
Band 1


Agriculture, English, Mathematics, Teaching, Postgraduate Clinical Psychology, Languages, Nursing
Band 2 $7,950 Architecture, IT, Allied Health, Performing Arts, Engineering, Science, Environmental Studies, Professional Pathway Psychology*, Professional Pathway Social Work*
Band 3 $11,300 Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science
Band 4 $14,500 Law, Accounting, Administration, Economics, Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, Social Studies, Media

*Professional Pathway Psychology and Social Work units are to be determined by the Australian Government.

2021                                    Student contribution bands for continuing* students in 2021
Band 1


Agriculture, English, Mathematics, Teaching, Clinical Psychology, Languages, Nursing
$6,804 Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, Social Studies, Media, Performing Arts
Band 2 $7,950 Architecture, IT, Allied Health, Engineering, Science, Environmental Studies
Band 3 $11,300 Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science
$11,355 Law, Accounting, Administration, Economics, Commerce

*You are considered to be a continuing student if any of the following apply to you:

  • You commenced a program in a Commonwealth supported place (CSP) before 1 January, 2021 and are continuing in that program;
  • You are commencing an Honours program in 2021 which relates to a program you completed in a CSP before 1 January, 2021;
  • You undertook an enabling program in a CSP in 2020, and on or after 1 January, 2021, you commence another program in a CSP that is leading to a higher education award;
  • You undertook an undergraduate certificate in a CSP in 2020, and are commencing another program in 2021 related to the undergraduate certificate, which leads to a bachelor degree.

Calculating Your Student Contribution

How much you pay depends on how many courses you are enrolled in, the unit value of those courses and under which band your courses fall. To find out the amount for your course(s), search for the course(s) on Course Planner.

If you are not sure how to calculate how much Student Contribution you should be paying, the Information for Commonwealth Supported Students booklet contains detailed instructions and examples of how to calculate your Student Contribution. This booklet is available to download from the Government’s Study Assist Link to external website website.

If you are studying Cross-Institutionally, please visit our Cross-Institutional Students page.

Paying Your Student Contribution

All Commonwealth Supported students are issued an invoice in Access Adelaide for each study period in which they enrol. Please visit our Payments page for more information about invoices, due dates and payment options.

Commonwealth supported students must pay their Student Contribution in full by the invoice due date of each study period in which they are enrolled, and/or may be eligible to apply for HECS-HELP to cover some or all of their Student Conitrbution – see HECS-HELP page to check your eligibility.

Student Contribution payments received after the census date cannot be accepted and will either be returned or refunded.

If you make a partial payment, you must be eligible to have the balance of your Student Contribution deferred to a HECS-HELP loan, otherwise your enrolment in any fully or partially unpaid courses will be cancelled.

For units of study with a census date on or after 1 January 2021, HECS-HELP eligible students will receive a 10% discount for any up-front payments, made by the due date, of their Student Contribution of $500 or more. E.g. a $500 payment will reduce the Student Contribution by $555.

Commonwealth supported students requiring further information on financial assistance and advice, please visit our Financial Assistance page.

For more information concerning late, non-payment or incomplete deferral of Student Contribution for Commonwealth Supported students please refer to our Outstanding Debts page.

Sponsored Students

For further information on Local Sponsored Students, please visit our Sponsored Students page.

Other Fees & Charges

Please visit our Other Fees & Charges page for more information.

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