Sponsored Students

The University may agree to invoice an approved third party for a student's fees. For this to occur, there must first be an agreement for a sponsor arrangement between the student and a third-party sponsor organisation; and the University must be satisfied that the agreement is in place and that the sponsor has agreed to be invoiced directly.

How do sponsored arrangements work?

Students who are fully or partially supported by a third party sponsor must provide the University with an acceptable signed Financial Guarantee from the sponsor. The guarantee must include the following information.

  • Full name of sponsored student
  • Academic program the sponsorship covers, e.g. Bachelor of Engineering
  • Sponsorship period
  • Tuition and fees covered by sponsorship
  • Contact name, phone, fax and email address of sponsor
  • Billing address of sponsor.

If the University is satisfied with the sponsorship agreement, the approved sponsor will be invoiced for the tuition and other costs described in the financial guarantee. Invoicing will occur after the Census Date each teaching period for the duration of the sponsorship.

Payment of fees

A student whose tuition fees are paid (partially or fully) by an approved third party sponsor is still considered to be personally responsible for their tuition fees. If a student’s sponsor fails to pay their invoice by the due date the student will be regarded as being in debt to the University, and any of the consequences, set out in the Student Debtor procedures may be applied, until the debt is paid in full by either the sponsor or the student.

Students will be advised if their sponsor fails to pay an outstanding account.

Students are responsible for ensuring that the Financial Guarantee provided by their sponsor is current. If a Financial Guarantee expires or otherwise becomes invalid (e.g. through the student changing academic programs) the student must arrange for an amended Financial Guarantee to be provided to the University. Any student who is no longer covered by a valid Financial Guarantee is responsible for the payment of their tuition fees and will be treated as a private fee-paying student.