Special Circumstances

If you withdraw from, or do not successfully complete, any course after the course census date, you are deemed to have:

that is associated with your course.

This applies to any University course. For information on how to apply for a refund of any fees paid for a Pre-Enrolment English Program (PEP) or any other University-offered foundation studies program, please contact the English Language Centre.

However sometimes special circumstances, which may be for medical, personal/family or employment reasons, are the cause of the withdrawal or non-completion.

If you can demonstrate that there are special circumstances in your situation, you may apply for an Amendment to Enrolment and Fees. For more information about this process, required criteria and submission deadlines refer to Amendment to Enrolment and Fees.

Please Note: In the event your application for Amendment to Enrolment and Fees is approved, no refund will be provided for the Student Services and Amenities Fee. Further, there is no capacity under the Higher Education Support Act 2003 for the provider to remit an SA-HELP debt incurred by a student, therefore any SA-HELP debt at the due date will remain.