Conditions of Use

Users who are granted authorised access to Phoenix agree that:

  • You will acknowledge Phoenix in any publications that make use of Phoenix infrastructure.
  • You will only use Phoenix for activities that are directly related to approved University research and/or teaching.
  • You will only use the provided file systems on Phoenix to store data relating to approved compute usage of Phoenix.
  • You acknowledge that Phoenix resources are shared and you are responsible for ensuring the efficient utilisation of your resource share, agree to minimise any disruption to other users, and will comply with any resource usage directives given.
  • You will never disclose or share your password or credentials with anyone, including other University of Adelaide staff or students.

Failure to comply with any of these access conditions may result in the termination of your access to Phoenix.

Acknowledgment of Phoenix in publications

As part of the conditions of use for the Phoenix HPC facility, users are required to acknowledge Phoenix in their publication outputs, including journal publications and conference proceedings. This is done by including an appropriate reference to Phoenix and the University of Adelaide in the Acknowledgements section. An example of an appropriate acknowledgement is:

This work was supported with supercomputing resources provided by the Phoenix HPC service at the University of Adelaide.

Data storage

The file systems on Phoenix are provided for the storage of data directly related to approved use of the computational resources. The use of Phoenix storage for your personal data (such as laptop backups) is explicitly forbidden. Any data that is deemed inappropriate for Phoenix storage will be deleted by the service team.

Phoenix has multiple file systems in order to optimise usage of the compute resources. High performance file systems by their nature cannot be backed up, and therefore it is the users responsibility to backup any data stored on the Phoenix parallel file systems.

File system Backed up? Responsible for backup
/home Yes Phoenix HPC service
/fast No User
/data No User