Championing a more sustainable future in agriculture

Luke Andrews exemplifies the new generation of agricultural students championing a more sustainable future, with his traditional rural upbringing underpinning a new direction for the industry.

Currently completing a Master of Global Food and Agribusiness at The Centre for Global Food and Resources, University of Adelaide, Luke recently received a $15,000 Rabo Tertiary Pathways Scholarship to help facilitate his studies, and his future.

As part of the scholarship Luke will now begin a two-day per week internship with Rabobank, and gain even further insight into the various employment opportunities in the rural sector, plus enjoy access to Rabobank analysts to support his final research project.

Inspired to apply for the Rabo Tertiary Pathways program due to its strong compatibility with his chosen studies, Luke said the chance to gain experience in the workplace while completing university was invaluable.

 “I see Rabobank as not only a highly successful food and agricultural banking business, but also an organisation with an eye to the future, especially in terms of meeting the challenges faced with educating and implementing sustainable practices as the world heads towards a carbon neutral future,” he said.

“I believe that Rabobank will be particularly instrumental in assisting many Australian farmers and producers as they transition their businesses to more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.”

Raised in a rural community in the Lower Eyre Peninsula region, this passionate student has worked in a range of primary production businesses including aquaculture, agriculture and viticulture, and during this time gained an appreciation of the variety of quality food produced in Australia.

“Agriculture and food production is vital to Australian people, communities and the wider economy, and I believe there needs to be continued involvement in farming practices to ensure the ongoing sustainable supply of high-quality Australian produce. I would find it especially rewarding to work with farmers and assist them with their future economic opportunities and I look forward to giving back to a community similar to the one that I was fortunate enough to grow up in.”Luke said

For his research project, supported by Rabobank, Luke hopes to conduct a review of the current tools for quantifying carbon emissions and carbon capturing within an agricultural farming system.

“I would like to outline and refine the current tools and calculators and make them more user-friendly – easing the process for financial institutions such as Rabobank and Australian farmers.” 

More information here on the Masters of Global Food and Resources

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