Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business designed for a 'real work environment'

Wachirun Zarapho graduated from a Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business in 2020.

With an interest in the food chain, he decided to start his journey at The Centre for Global Food and Resources, University of Adelaide.

Wachirun Zarapho
"Since graduating, I have acknowledged a better understanding in the food chain and perceived contextual meaning of global food and agribusiness which allows me to have industry awareness"Wachirun said

"It makes me realise the rationale for world hunger and the solutions to mitigate the issues that are affecting human beings.”

Wachirun most enjoyed the fact that the course content was designed for a real work environment.

"What I have learnt is adaptable to cultivate students for innovative and critical thinking skills to create up-to-date and productive work practices. I am encouraged to interact with professional academics directly to inspire my knowledge. I gained world-class insight allowing me to collaborate with my peers working in the industries and exchange different opinions from a diverse student cohort.”

The Global Food and Agricultural Business program is open to recent graduates and gives students access to prominent academics, researchers and agribusiness leaders, giving them the scope to investigate the economic, policy, environmental and social issues affecting agribusinesses and the global food system.

Upon graduation, the program will help students develop the conceptual and practical skills to enhance agribusiness management in workplaces across the increasingly complex and diverse local, national and global agri-food networks. Wachirun now works for a poultry producer, building further on what he learnt from the program and honing his practical experience in agribusiness.

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