About Phoenix

The Phoenix High Performance Computing (HPC) service enables researchers to leverage the expertise and increased computational power of a central facility.

Our researchers use High Performance Computing for big data analysis, complex modelling and simulations, and solving large scalable research problems quickly and efficiently.

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Improve research outcomes

  • Accelerate problem solving using higher capacity computing solutions - reduce your run time from weeks to days.
  • Explore bigger grids and parameters
  • Reduce element size
  • Increase complexity
  • Simulate many more scenarios and variables than possible on your office PC
  • Larger amounts of memory available for your research

Focus on research

  • Better performance for less financial outlay
  • No support or maintenance overhead
  • Leverage your HPC research expertise using state-of-the-art equipment

As a testament to the excellence in research demonstrated at the University of Adelaide, the Phoenix HPC facility has been made possible by our very own researchers. University of Adelaide researchers take their grant commitments seriously and have collectively pooled their funds to create this facility and further the University's research proposition.