AdelaideX reaches 1 million MOOC enrolments!


AdelaideX has reached the 1 million enrolments milestone.

The University of Adelaide’s open digital learning initiative, AdelaideX has been providing access to free online education pathways for learners worldwide since 2015.

To date, AdelaideX runs 26 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) through the edX platform, including two programs - the Big Data MicroMasters (made up of 5 MOOCs) and the MathTrackX XSeries (made up of 6 MOOCs).

The courses in the AdelaideX portfolio cover a variety of topics including statistics, Shakespeare, language revival, music technology and addiction.

The MOOCs with the highest number of enrolments are:

  1. Introduction to Project Management (332,698)
  2. World of Wine (94,246)
  3. Essential Human Biology: Cells and Tissues (79,804)

With coverage across most of the world, the countries with the highest number of enrolments have been:

  1. United States (152,406)
  2. India (123,0676)
  3. Australia (41,548)
  4. United Kingdom (27,535)
  5. Canada (26,021)
  6. Brazil (22,145)

The latest offering from AdelaideX is the MathTrackX Program. This program has been designed to provide learners with a solid foundation in fundamental mathematics and how it can be applied in the real world. The 6 MOOCs in this program will assist in developing the skills, knowledge and confidence for STEM related career development or preparation for further studies.

With 1 million enrolments, AdelaideX continues to commit to providing high quality courses to a growing online global community.

Find out more about AdelaideX here.

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