Case Study: Developing learning resources for UoA clinical students during the COVID-19 pandemic


A collaborative project between Learning Enhancement and Innovation and Adelaide Medical Simulation.


In mid-March, Associate Professor Adam Montagu (Director, Adelaide Health Simulation) contacted the Learning Enhancement & Innovation Media Production team, requesting urgent support to create critical learning resources for University of Adelaide clinical students during the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of these learning resources is to demonstrate correct personal protective equipment (PPE) procedures to manage infection control amongst health workers.



In response to this request, the Media Production team created a series of videos. The videos were filmed inside the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a ward being prepared for COVID-19 patients. University of Adelaide medical students were the video talent, with direction and consulting by Dr. Irene Moyer (UoA lecturer / RAH Emergency doctor) and Samantha Lawson (SA Health, RAH nurse, infection controls expert).




In just over one week, the Media Production Team were able to record, finalise and distribute six videos to address critical PPE safety including: hand washing and sanitiser procedure; how to swab a patient for COVID19; use of PPE; airborne precautions; and advising the public how to safely wear face masks.

These videos are now available for University of Adelaide medical students, and they have also been adopted by SA Health and wider networks for use by thousands of health employees across South Australia. Until recently, SA Health used only static posters to share procedures for sanitising and safe application/removal of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The rollout of these resources across the University and SA Health represents a substantial step in the fight against COVID-19 spread across South Australia.

View an example of one of these videos here: Hand Washing.



Associate Professor Adam Montagu provided some feedback on his experience working on this project with the Media Production Team:

“I’d like to personally thank LEI, Dave, Aaron and James specifically for your outstanding work on the Personal Protective Equipment education project. This project was intended for clinical students within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. Due to the high quality of the production it was immediately adopted by SA Health, CALHN, Rural Health and various private hospitals. You have made a positive and meaningful difference in these difficult times.”


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