Early Warning Student Risk Dashboard

The Early Warning Risk Dashboard is a filterable dashboard that assists in identifying at-risk students at a program, course and individual level.

Availability: upon request for all courses & programs
Best used: during the teaching period

Produced in Microsoft PowerBI, the dashboard identifies students potentially at risk by considering numerous risk factors.

Risk Factors

The following default risk factors are used to classify a student as 'at risk':

  • Repeating the course
  • Academic progress risk
  • Low GPA
  • No recent logins
  • Overdue assignments
  • Low assignment scores
  • Low course activity

There is potential to add additional risk factors relevant to your program or course.

What's in it?

  • Program level insights
    • Enrolment summary list (lists each enrolment and enrolment details)
    • Total enrolments vs at-risk enrolments for each course in program
    • Ability to filter by specific programs, teaching periods, year levels and commencing/continuing enrolments
  • Course level insights
    • Enrolment summary list
    • Assignment summary list
    • Student programs summary
    • Risk factor indicators (number of enrolments that apply to each)
    • Assignment Status summary (shows number of overdue/submitted/unsubmitted assignments in a course)
    • Ability to filter to specific courses, year levels and commencing/continuing enrolments
    • Ability to filter by each risk factor (listed above) to see which students from the course are in the category
  • Student level insights
    • Enrolment summary (all courses)
    • Total course risk indicator
    • Risk factor indicators
    • Assignment status summary (shows number of overdue/submitted/unsubmitted assignments for student across all their courses)
    • Submissions summary

How can it be used?

  • Identify programs with high numbers of at-risk enrolments
  • Identify courses with high numbers of at-risk enrolments
  • Identify individual students that are at risk
  • Insights can be used to inform contact/interventions with individual students
  • Identify areas where an individual student may be struggling (particularly when enrolled in courses across multiple faculties)
  • Use email link to contact students directly from the dashboard
  • Identify which risk factors apply most to specific course(s)/ program(s)
  • Use risk factor indicators to inform course review & design
  • Identify course coordinators for specific courses

For more information on how the dashboard can be used, or to provide feedback on how you have used the report, please contact the Learning Analytics team.

How do I access?

Currently, a dashboard can be individually created for your program(s)/course(s). Please contact the Learning Analytics team to get started. You will be sent a Microsoft PowerBI document. If you have not previously used Microsoft PowerBI you can download it here or if using a Mac, access it through the ADAPT homepage. Instructions for accessing the report via ADAPT can be found here.

Work is underway to be able to provide this dashboard to staff via an online service.