Assessing student engagement during times of remote learning

Assessing student engagement

During times of remote learning, the ability to assess student engagement with course content has become increasingly important. The New Analytics tool within each course in MyUni can provide data insights into student engagement and participation with content and resources within a course.

With decreased opportunities to provide face-to-face feedback, New Analytics can assist teaching staff to easily provide timely, personalised feedback directly from the tool, without having to leave MyUni, download spreadsheets, or import email contacts.


What can New Analytics be used for?

  • Assess student engagement & participation (overall, weekly or by specific resource)
  • Assess individual student engagement (overall or by specific resource)
  • Identify any drops in engagement
  • Send personalised feedback based on student engagement data
  • And much more


Why use New Analytics?

  • In the recent rapid student feedback survey, students highlight that while they are very appreciative of everything being done by teaching staff to assist them, they do require clear communication regarding course structure, content and assessments. Students also highlight that they do miss the face-to-face interaction with their teachers.
  • Pilots conducted at the University of Adelaide in 2019 show that timely, personalised messages to students regarding course content and assessment increase student engagement and significantly decrease failure rate
  • Studies have shown that feedback is ‘one of the factors with the largest potential for a positive impact on the learning experience’ (Pardo, Abelardo, 2017).


More information & helpful guides

More information and guides for using New Analytics can be found on the Learning Analytics website. If you would like to discuss the use of New Analytics with a member of the Learning Analytics team, please contact us.

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