Detailed Course Report

Detailed Course Report

Availability: in all courses via LMS Analytics item in course navigation
Best used: pre-semester for greater understanding of student cohort; post semester for course review

The report provides insights into student demographics, academic results and program & other course enrolments, as well as information about the course. The report allows for comparison with up to five previous iterations of the course.

What's in it?

Course Details

  • Course Content
  • Course Coordinator information
  • Restrictions, pre-requisites, co-requisites, incompatible course, assumed knowledge
  • Assessment items

Course Enrolments

  • total enrolments by study period
  • total enrolments by gender, residency
  • enrolment status (enrolled, dropped before census, dropped after census)

Academic Background

  • top ten student programs
  • current enrolment load (units)
  • top ten other course enrolments
  • top ten courses passed by students (prior to this course)
  • units passed by students
  • previous attempts at this course
  • students with two or more previous attempts at this course
  • basis of admission

Course Results

  • average mark by study period (compared to faculty and school benchmark)
  • average mark by gender & residency
  • mark distribution by study period
  • grade distribution by study period
  • pass rate by study period (compared to faculty and school benchmark)
  • pass rate by gender & residency
  • pass rate by program

SELT Results

  • SELT data has now been added to the Detailed Course Report

How can it be used?

The Detailed Course Report can be used to:

  • identify cohorts that may be at risk based on pass rates and grades in previous semesters
  • identify specific students that may be at risk based on number of previous attempts at course
  • identify cohorts that may be at risk based on current enrolment load
  • identify the top other courses students are currently enrolled in to avoid assessment clashes with those courses
  • identify any program cohorts that may be at risk based on previous performance
  • identify any trends in pass rates and grade/mark distribution of students over time
  • Observe any changes in enrolment numbers and demographic characteristics of the course. Increases or decreases in numbers may impact student experience or signal a change in value of the course offering.
  • Check completion of assumed knowledge and pre-requisite courses. This may inform adjustments in approaches to teaching or resources that are made available.
  • use as an resource to onboard new course coordinators
  • use as a resource during course reviews

For more information on how the report can be used, or to provide feedback on how you have used the report, please contact the Learning Analytics team.

Note: an extended version of the report that incorporates Leganto data is available on request.


Accessing the Detailed Course Report

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