Student Information on the use of Learning Analytics

The University of Adelaide (UoA) uses data and evidence-based information to improve learning and teaching for a better learning experience for students, to achieve efficiency in administration in student support and services, the management of the relationship between the University and our students and managing online systems. The use of data also contributes to research and scholarship in learning and teaching.

Data from learning and teaching systems include information from the UoA’s Learning Management System (CANVAS and ECHO 360), UoA's websites and other tools and technologies, logs and/or metadata relating to individual user access and activity within University systems and outputs generated via activity in the learning and teaching systems (e.g., marks, grades, feedback and/or other performance measures).

To ensure that students' privacy is protected, the collection, use and retention of data and information will be conducted in accordance with the:

As a student at the University of Adelaide, you are expected to:

  • Provide accurate and complete information to the University.
  • Respect the privacy and personal rights of other students and staff.
  • Use the University's systems and technologies ethically and responsibly.
  • Be familiar and current with University policies.

If you have any questions regarding learning and teaching data, how it is used to inform enhancement or learning outcomes, please contact the MyUni Support team.

  • Student Insights

    Student Insights

    The Learning Analytics team acknowledges that for learners, it can be extremely useful to have a visual overview of their learning activities and how these interactions relate to those of their peers or other actors in the learning experience.

    By providing students with real-time or as close to real-time information it’s our hope to encourage reflection and the development of positive learning and engagement strategies during and post completion of their studies at the University of Adelaide.

    The Student insights page is currently being piloted in a number of courses at the UoA with a view of rolling an updated version to all courses in the near future.

    A guide to Student Insights is available for students here.