Learning Design


Learning Designers facilitate the exploration, design, and development of blended and online learning opportunities, including the use of MyUni and related learning technologies.

We have expertise in designing effective and innovative student learning experiences.

We deliver this through direct consultation, structured co-design workshops, presentations, and informal adhoc conversations. We take a collaborative approach, and act as connectors between academic staff in faculties and LEI services and initiatives. Together, we create consistent, quality and relevant learning experiences for University of Adelaide students.

We can assist with:

  • Constructive alignment
  • Course design/redesign
  • Learning activity design
  • Assessment design
  • Course design evaluation


Learning Design Support

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Featured stories from Learning Design

Reflecting on remote learning: A Q&A with Natalia Zarina & John Murphy

Following up on their presentation at the Festival of Learning and Teaching (FoLT), Natalia and John share some insights into what they have learned teaching during the pandemic and how this will influence their teaching going forward.

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Intro to MyUni Online Course: The ultimate guide to getting started in MyUni

Learning Enhancement and Innovation have created a brand-new online resource to provide Academic and Professional staff with essential knowledge on the use of MyUni.

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PEP Talk: Q&A with a LEO

The LEI team has maintained and continued to grow a student presence in all our projects. We do this with a little help from our Learning Enhancement Officers (LEOs). 

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PEP in your step: Q&A with Dr. Jerome Buhl

Being involved in our PEP workshops can fast track your course design process and allow you to enter the semester with a solid framework. 

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PEP: Resealing the Education Road Well-Travelled

We spoke with one of our newest Learning Designers, Dr Matthew Norris, who has been involved with the Program Enhancement Partnerships (PEP) and asked him to provide some insight to the process of PEP.



Design for People

When designing courses, equipment or anything where humans are the end user, the idea of designing specially for the human can get lost in the project or design. 



Designing inclusive learning

It’s challenging to think outside of your own perspective when designing online learning experiences, but this is the key to solving some of the most complex online learning design problems.. 



Key takeaways from an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) pilot

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is when computer software recognises the human voice. 



Education that’s really for everyone

Disability Support provide services to students with a wide variety of disabilities and ongoing medical conditions.



The art of crafting online quiz questions

We all love writing quiz questions equally as much as we love completing quiz questions, right?