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Resource Development

The Learning Resource Developers design and produce multimedia learning resources using a variety of graphic design, video, scenario creation and educational technology.

Working within the Learning Enhancement and Innovations guidelines, the LRDs work on several simultaneous projects which require working cross-faculty with academics, Learning Designers, Learning Enhancement Officers, and other professional staff.

On this page, you'll find a collection of graphics, videos, illustrations and posters developed by the LRDs for use by the University of Adelaide.

Repurposing Existing Work

While this gallery is designed to showcase examples of the work the LRDs can create, you might see something that you want to repurpose for your own needs. This should be fine, but please get in touch with the LRD's via first. They'll need to check with the appropriate academic to ensure the resource can be reused.

A New Request

For an original piece of work, please fill in the following form:

Please try and provide as much detail as you can, and an LRD will get back to you as soon as possible to organise a meeting.

Contact Us

Contact Details
Michael Brockhouse Aaron Shannon-Honson 
Learning Resource Developer Learning Resource Developer
08 8313 6319 08 8313 6230

Video Gallery

The Learning Resource Developers have the capacity to assist with video post production work. For some examples, use the links below.

Unsure of what you require?

If you're unsure what you're wanting, but know that you want something, perhaps your first port of call should be a Learning Designer. They’ll be able to assist in the development of your initial concept, developing an idea that the Learning Resource Developers will then be able to help you bring to life.

Learning Enhancement and Innovation

North Terrace Campus

Contact: LEI Contacts
Phone: +61 8 8313 3000