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Careers Expo 2018

Careers Expo is the largest industry and employer event on campus.

The Careers Expo gives students a chance to meet graduate and vacation employers from across Australia. The event also features international organisations and professional bodies.

Event Details

Bonython Hall, North Terrace Campus
14 and 15 March
12:00pm – 3:00pm

Come along to the Careers Expo 2018 to meet employers and get first-hand advice about applications, job-readiness and what makes a stand out candidate.

On March 14 and 15 The University of Adelaide will host employers, organisations and professional bodies from around Australia and the globe who are on campus to meet you.

  • Day One: STEM & Health DisciplinesWednesday 14th March 2018

    Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm
    Disciplines: STEM & Health (Engineering, Computer Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Health Science, Sciences)
    Company List: Access our event on the Career Fair Plus App in iOS or Android App Store
    More: To receive event alerts, please "Book In" to the events on CareerHub

  • Day Two: Business & Arts DisciplinesThursday 15th March 2018

    Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm
    Disciplines: Business & Arts (Business/Commerce, Law, Finance, Economics, Education, Arts, Social Sciences)
    Company List: Access our event on the Career Fair Plus App in iOS or Android App Store
    To receive event alerts, please "Book In" to the events on CareerHub

What will you get out of the Careers Expo?

  • Speak with employers and organisations about their work and experiences
  • Find out about graduate roles, internships and vocational opportunities
  • Hear expert tips and inside advice for standing out in your application
  • Consider different career paths that utilise your degree and skills
  • Meet University of Adelaide graduates who have taken on exciting jobs
  • Find the resources you will need to prepare for your future career Expand your professional network

No matter your year level at Uni, the Careers Expo will have something for all students who are ready to consider their career options and stand out from the crowd. Download the Career Fair Plus app today to get updates, see all attending exhibitors and view the Expo floor plan.

Student Preparation Workshops
Various preparation sessions will be held throughout March to help students prepare and get the most out of their Expo experience. Workshops are recommended to students in their penultimate and final years, however students from all year levels are encouraged to attend. To secure your place, please "Book In" to these events on CareerHub.

Got questions about the upcoming Careers Expo for 2018?

See below for some of the Frequently Asked Questions!

  • Q) How can I make the most out of attending?
      There’s definitely some points we recommend to make the most of this once a year event!
    • Download the CareerFair Plus app - The app is designed to view the floorplan, mark employers as ‘favourites’, add notes, receive alerts from employers and more
    • Do a bit of research – Find out about the employers who are attending, and consider how what their organisation does aligns with your own interests and career goals. This can be done through the CareerFair+ app or on our website by clicking here
    • Think about what kind of employer or position you are aspiring to – this helps you set goals for yourself and know what kind of workplace culture suits you, or the everyday work you want to do in the future!
    • Identify your personal brand – Think about your “brand” and how you can share this with employers. This can include what degree you are studying, areas of interest and relevant extra-curricular activities.
    • Be open to different opportunities – A great part of the Careers Expo is meeting new people and considering career pathways you may never have thought of before. There are so many unique and exciting opportunities out there waiting for you!
    • Update your resume and bring it with you - You might strike up a great conversation with an employer and they are happy to take a copy for their future reference
  • Q) What should I ask Employers?

    You can ask employers any questions you may have about working at their organisation, how they gained their positions, what the application process is like and so on. Some specific questions may include:

    • What is a standard day like for X position?
    • How can I stand out in my CV or cover letter?
    • What kind of work experience can I do while still at Uni that will be beneficial?
    • What kind of projects might I take on in your organisation?
    • What do you wish you knew as a graduate/student?
    • When does graduate recruitment begin with your organisation?
    • What are the key attributes you look for in employees (academic results, personal achievements, extracurricular activities, work experience, references)?
    • Do you take internship or work experience students?
    • How did you achieve your position?
    • What projects are you currently working on that you enjoy?

    It’s best to be prepared before Expo, and really think about the questions that are important to you and what you want out of a position!

  • Q) Are there any workshops I can attend to prepare?

    Career Services has run several Student Preparation Workshops to help students get ready for the Careers Expo. While these sessions have now passed, if you are a current student and would like to access the presentation notes - please click here.

  • Q) What do I wear to the Careers Expo? 

    We recommend dressing in ‘business casual’ or ‘business’ style as you would when attending an interview. This doesn’t necessarily mean a suit and tie, heels and uncomfortable clothing, but simply means that you are dressed to impress a potential employer!

  • Q) Do I need to register or can I just show up?

    You do not need to register, but we encourage you to make sure you attend the Expo on the day that is set for your discipline:

    Day 1 – Wednesday 14 March: Engineering, Computer Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Health Sciences, Sciences
    Day 2 – Thursday 15 March: Arts, Social Sciences, Commerce, Law, Finance, Business, Education

  • Q) How do I neetwork or connect with employers on the day?

    Some students choose to have personal business cards created which is a great way to stand out with employers you meet not only at Expo, but whenever the opportunity may arise! You can also set up a LinkedIn account if you don’t already have one and send the employers you meet a request to ‘connect’. If that’s not your style, that’s okay, you can make a note in your phone of their name and organisation or use the CareerFair+ app to make an employer a ‘favourite’ and add notes there.

  • Q) What students or year levels does the Careers Expo Target?

    Here is how students from all year levels benefit from Careers Expo:

    • Final Year – Find out about graduate opportunities, internships, career paths and more that are open for applications. Speak with graduate students who are now working or part of graduate programs at various organisations. Practice your networking skills, ask employers questions specific to your degree or applications and prepare for life after graduation.
    • Penultimate Year – Understand what kind of graduate opportunities are available towards your discipline, speak with employers and organisations about what you can do in the next 1-2 years to make your application stand out, and discover different career paths. Ask about internship or work placement opportunities and begin to craft your life after graduation.
    • First Year – Begin to think about the career path you want to take and speak with employers and organisations from a range of industries. Find out what organisations provide internships and work placements to support your studies in your penultimate and final years. Consider how you can make the most out of your time at Uni so you are job ready upon graduation.
  • Q) When do graduate jobs open/close for applications? 

    Many graduate opportunities for commencement in 2019 are now open. While 2019 can seems like a long time away, graduate opportunities open applications early in the previous year and close around late March. For example, a student would apply for a graduate opportunity in March 2018, go through the interview and assessment process around April – May 2018, hear back from the organisation with a final decision around June 2018 and then start the graduate opportunity in January 2019 (leaving the last semester of study to concentrate on completing your degree).

  • Q) How do I find out what employers or organisations are attending? 

    A full list of attending employers and organisations can be found on our webpage or through the Career Fair Plus App, available on Android and iOS.

As a confirmed exhibitor, your primary contact has now received an event briefing document full of event details and FAQs.

We will be accepting pre-event deliveries shortly and a final briefing document for your event-day representitives will be on the way to your primary contact one week prior to the event.

If you have questions, pleas speak with our Event Manager, Emily on 08 8313 9262.

To assist your students to prepare for Careers Expo please contact the Careers Service to receive a list of attending employers in your discipline and a marketing package to share with your students.

The 2018 event is fully booked.

To be placed on a wait-list for the 2018 event or to discuss your student engagement strategy please contact our Industry Team via email or call 08 8313 9262.

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