Mentor Testimonial: Amber Coppins

Mentor Testimonial: Amber Coppins

Year of Graduation: 2011

Academic Program: Bachelor of Human Resource Management

Current Position: Senior Talent Consultant

Organisation: Deloitte Australia, Adelaide

I enjoyed participating in the 2021 University of Adelaide mentorship program as a Mentor to connect with a student I may not have had an opportunity to meet with one on one. I was able to hear from a final year student their challenges, career ambitions and what they are seeking from their employer. My mentee had some great prepared questions in all of our interactions, and her confidence certainly improved during the program. Not only her confidence in interacting with me, but her confidence towards starting her first Graduate role, which I tried to give some helpful tips from working with other graduates.

I would recommend future mentors to join this program to share career advice with students to assist in the start of their career journey, it's really valuable for them to know more about what to expect in a career, the learning opportunities and development they'll receive along the way. But it was also great to learn what is most important to students and what they expect from an employer. This in turn can help to understand how to attract and retain talent within any business.