Mentor Testimonial: Jonathan Wong

Alumni Mentor Testimonial: Jonathan Wong

Year of Graduation: 2020

Academic Program: MBA (Masters of Business Administration)

Current Position: Training Consultant

Organisation: Beacon Consulting, Singapore

I had a great time mentoring my mentee. He came into the first mentoring session with many questions regarding his career choices and the job application process. We went through a process of discovering more about himself, identifying potential career options that complemented his strengths and how to excel during the job application process.

Through this program, my mentee has gained a great deal of self-awareness. Many myths that he held about the hiring process were dispelled. Overall, he is more knowledgeable and confident in entering the job market now.

It was a great joy to share my experiences and knowledge with my mentee. Many times, when my mentee was sharing his struggles, I could identify the issues and improvement areas with them and offer suggestions. I hope my mentee and any future mentees will be better equipped to navigate the job market. In my career journey, I was very thankful to be connected with mentors who gave me invaluable advice. Therefore, I definitely want to contribute my knowledge and experience to the next generation of industry leaders.

Mentoring is certainly a great way to give back to the business community. Everyone needs a mentor regardless of the stage of their career.