Mentor Testimonial: Rebecca Chin

Alumni Mentor Testimonial: Rebecca Chin

Year of Graduation: 1994

Academic Program: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Marketing)

Current Position: Chief Consultant

Organisation: DRC Business Solutions, Malaysia


With over 25 years of professional services experience, Rebecca has helped organisations and individuals succeed across the Asia Pacific. For 10 years she was COO in a leading global professional services firm based in Hong Kong.

Currently as Chief Consultant at DRC Business Solutions, Rebecca helps executives navigate different stages of leadership and performance. She provides bespoke management support and acts as a sounding board on a wide array of business operations and management matters.

Her passion stems from her guiding principle to help others help themselves. Using DRC’s value-based methodology, Rebecca helps promote sustainable development and growth. A firm believer in empirical learning and positive psychology, Rebecca has worked effectively with leaders from across industries and hierarchies.

Mentoring Experience

A big thank you for giving me this opportunity to contribute to our posterity. It was a rewarding experience being able to help the younger generation navigate their future pathways. At the same time, I was truly humbled by their speed and wit.

I was impressed by my mentee’s industrious nature in seeking for new experiences, in embracing and learning from others. She took all feedback very seriously. It is hoped that the mentoring has helped equip her with a clearer direction for her career and ensuing work-life as a whole.

As one gives, one receives. Through this process, it has further enhanced my understanding of the value of mentoring graduating students. It has also heightened my appreciation of today’s youth. To see their agility and ability to adapt quickly which is increasingly so important as change is now very much a constant.

I respectfully recommend future mentors to take some time to understand our mentees and their aspirations. Our support and insights can assist them make important decisions that may help shape their lives and what lies ahead.