Mentor Testimonial: Anna Kalamkarian

Anna Kalamkarian

Year of Graduation: 2019

Academic Program: Honours Degree in Health and Medical Science (Public Health) 

Current Position: Public Health Researcher

Organisation: University of Adelaide

Many students progress through their undergraduate degree with a growing number of questions about their future. Questions like "what do I want to do after university? What kind of work is out there? What is the best path forward?" The Career Access Mentoring Program provides a space for students to ask these questions and work through the answers alongside a mentor.  

Listening to my mentee's questions and concerns about career readiness reminded me that I had had those same questions not so long ago. By sharing stories of my journey through professional development and what I had learnt from others, I was able to offer insights that helped my mentee gain better clarity about the direction they wanted their career to take. 

I think anyone who is interested in the growth and development of others would benefit from becoming a Career Access Mentor. We all have unique and diverse insights that are valuable to students who are currently navigating the exciting (and, at times, nerve-wracking) process of branching out from university and into the outside world. For future mentors, I recommend sharing your unique experiences of transitioning into your field, and providing insight and tips on how to best navigate the path.