Mentor Testimonial: Yikai Wang

Mentor Testimonial: Yikai Wang

Year of Graduation: 2012

Academic Program: Master of Global Food and Agriculture Business; Master of Trade

Current Position: Senior Financial Advisor

Organisation: Nomura Orient International Securities Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, China

During my last session of mentoring, I had a solid feeling that my mentee was benefited from this program. Since my mentee has just arrived home and started his own career in a reputable domestic bank, I could share many of my own experiences in working at financial corporations. To help my mentee having a smooth start in his field, and according to our daily interactions, my mentee was doing very well from both his own efforts as well as our mentoring program.

In terms of further recommendations, I would like to advise the program matching more mentees for each mentor (under personal preferences), so that we could help the mentees as much as possible.