Mentor Testimonial: Bernard How

Alumni Mentor Testimonial: Bernard How

Year of Graduation: 2011

Academic Program: MBA (Masters of Business Administration)

Current Position: Asia Lead and Director, Commercial Presales & Retention

Organisation: Microsoft, Singapore


Bernard How is currently leading Commercial Presales & Retention program in Microsoft Asia. He has a more than 30 years career in the IT industry, working in various leadership positions with Microsoft and Dell. He has extensive experience in sales and business management in this region. What driven Bernard most are bringing great solutions to customers, growing business and importantly the opportunity to continue learning throughout his career journey.

Mentoring Experience

I was impressed with my mentee during the 3 sessions we had, for her zeal in learning & staying curious. She is well-travelled, having the opportunity to live in many countries, so she is very aware of cultural diversity.

During the mentoring program, I could see she was getting more confident, able to sharpen her career goals and future directions. We also worked on refining her resume and preparing her story for interviews. I was also upfront with my mentee that I was also seeking reverse mentoring, so that I could learn from her and engage students coming into the workforce. The program also allowed me to give back as a mentor outside of my workplace.

Certainly, I would recommend any alumni to share and learn from the mentoring program like me. It will be lots of happiness that could get in return, especially impacting and inspiring the future of international students.