Mentor Testimonial: Damon Zhang

Alumni Mentor Testimonial: Damon Zhang

Year of Graduation: 2015

Academic Program: Master of Finance and Economics

Current Position: Finance Officer

Organisation: MS Society, Adelaide

It was a unique experience to be involved in this mentoring program. It gives me a great opportunity to refresh myself after 4 years of working in the industry. While I shared my experiences with the mentees, it gives me a chance to review what I have done so far.

The biggest improvement I have noticed from my mentees is their confidence in seeking jobs in Australia. During the program, we ran a Mock Interview to provide my insights based on their performance. Meanwhile, I also tried my best to articulate and demonstrate what capabilities and skills the interviewers/employers looking for. It gave my mentees a higher level of self-confidence.

After the program, one of my mentees successfully secured a formal job opportunity and he was thankful about the Mock Interview I provided.

I gained a lot from a similar mentoring program while I was a student. Now, this Alumni Mentoring Program gave me a wonderful opportunity to give back and share my skills and experiences with current international students.