Alumni Mentor Testimonial: Amos Xia

Alumni Mentor Testimonial: Amos Xia

Year of Graduation: 2018

Academic Program: Master of Software Engineering

Current Position: Software Engineer (Site Reliability Engineering)

Organisation: Google, Sydney

The whole experience was extremely good! I was matched with three mentees who were eager to thrive in their careers in Australia. They had exactly the same confusion as I had regarding career development. This makes me capable and willing to share my opinions. Also, since they had the initiative in the first place, I was able to help them effectively based on my experience and our discussions.

All my mentees do not have any IT-related work experiences so far, and I was actually in the same situation when I was studying at the University of Adelaide. Therefore, I shared my experience on how to find the internships, casual or part-time job opportunities and also how I landed my graduate jobs as detailed as possible.

During the meeting, I have helped my mentees with several resume revisions and cover letter proofreading based on the advice I have learnt from HRs at Deloitte, Microsoft and Google etc. during the campus events before. And now, they all have professional resumes and are actively looking for job opportunities strategically over the summer break.

I also gained a lot from this program as a mentor, The mentoring experience provided me with a unique opportunity for my personal development. Current students are at the crossroads of choosing their career paths or deciding on whether to continue study or work after graduation. Thus, it makes me feel more important and responsible to assist them to make their best decisions. By connecting with my mentees, I now have closer visibility of the younger generation's career development.