Alumni Mentor Testimonial: Tah Wee See

Alumni Mentor Testimonial: Tah Wee See

Year of Graduation: 2009

Academic Program: Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronics)

Current Position: Technical Account Manager

Organisation: Dell EMC (Dell Technologies), Singapore


TahWee is currently a Technical Account Manager with Dell Technologies, specializing in Data Protection technologies, and he is now venturing into the Cloud technologies. He has accumulated over 10 years of working experience in the industry since graduation, ranging from System Administration to Technical & Service Account Management, predominantly in the Financial and Banking sector.

TahWee has a great love for horologies, which will always indulge himself in reading about new technology inventions or good old romantic stories about watches. Also spent great efforts in photo-shooting macro pictures of watch craftsmanship.

He is happily married with 2 young children in Singapore. 

Mentoring Experience

It was a pleasurable experience overall. I have enjoyed every session with my mentee. I believe a productive and successful program will always benefit both the participants and contributors as well, this program has just achieved that for us. It also allowed me as an alumnus to share my industry knowledge and experiences to enable my mentee to prepare himself better before joining the workforce.

With the ongoing pandemic that casts uncertainties on the future global economy, as well as the drastic changes in current work structures. I strongly believe this program is important for the students, especially students who are graduating in 2020/2021.

After this program, my mentee has had noticeable improvements of his awareness on the evolution of the work industry, particularly in the high-tech sector and the understanding of the essential knowledge and efforts needed before landing a job he desired.

On the other hand, I also gained some great insights into the mentality and visions with current younger generations through this program, that have given me extra motivation on pushing myself further in reaching for greater career achievements, and inspired me of creating an inclusive workplace(s) which I believe will allow us to work effectively and thrive together.