Career Expo 2021

Connecting University of Adelaide students to jobs, employers and careers.

The next Careers Expo will be on Thursday 11th March 2021. It will be virtual and a chance for students and industry to meet, network, connect and apply for graduate roles, internships and join professional associations. Students can explore career pathways, discover new opportunities and connect directly with recruiters. 

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Career Expo 2021

Join our virtual event, 11th March 2021.

Connect to jobs, employers and careers. 

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Faculty and staff information

We welcome staff and faculty to get in contact regarding Careers Expo with any questions or queries. Staff tours are a great component of the annual event and are designed specifically for staff and colleagues who wish to visit the Expo and learn more about the industry partners attending and how the event assists our current students and recent graduates. Please contact our team for further information. 

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