Grow Your Career Week Feature Sessions

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Remember that spots in each session are limited so it is recommended to book in through CareerHub. For a PDF and downloadable version of the event booklet please click here. 

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Demystifying psychometric testing

If you are heading into your final or penultimate year then psychometric assessments may be on the horizon. Used by companies as part of intern or graduate program applications, psychometric testing can be confusing so this session will bust some myths and help you out.

One size doesn't fit all

When it comes time to apply for jobs recruiters want to get to know the real you and understand why you have applied for a job with them. This session with Steven Nield from Aurecon will include tips and advice from a recruiter who will encourage you that one size really does not fit all. 

The evolution of success

Over decades the idea of success has changed quite a bit and it can be tough to be competitive and set goals when everyone around you seems to have it all figured out. During this presentation with Craig Thompson from Accenture we will explore how success has evolved and what it means for young people today, plus how you can define your own measures of a successful career.

How to invest in your biggest asset - YOU!

During this session Sarah Curnow of American Express will share with students the top ten things they can start doing today to kickstart their career with a bang and set themselves up for even greater success into the future.

What recruiters wish you knew

Stop wishing you knew what recruiters were thinking and attend this panel to find out! With recruiters from EY, Calvary Health Care, Flight Centre, News Corp and Saab Australia we will be unearthing recruiter secrets and everything they want you to know before you apply. 

Learning leadership

Leadership is more than just a buzz word you can use to impress on your resume. True leadership takes time and practice to get right but in this informative session with Josh Farr from Campus Consultancy, students will learn the basics to kick-start your career and set you on a path to true leadership.