Grow Your Career Week Sessions & Activities 2023

There's something for everyone at Grow Your Career Week!

From 31 July to 4 August, check out Hub Central for daily activities designed to boost your skills, experiences & employability. Win daily prizes at our Conversation Wall, engage with employability experts and grab a free Boost chocolate, get your LinkedIn profile photo taken by a professional, and much more!

Also make sure you come along to our daily sessions and learn from industry experts about topics that will help to grow your career. Students who attend a GYCW session, and upload a LinkedIn post about it (with photo, content and #GYCW2023) will be in the running to win a prize!

The early sessions are designed to inspire you to be confident, to discover your unique strengths, to define your personal brand, and to take steps to build your experience; while the later sessions are focused on helping you to enhance your understanding about a changing economic landscape, learn more about potential career pathways and the skills you need to succeed in your field of choice, all while providing you the opportunity to connect with industry professionals.

There is something for everyone in this line-up of sessions, so don't miss out... Register now to secure your spot!

  • From Intern to Pro: Unlocking career success through internships and work experience.

    Internships, placements, vacation programs, cadetships, etc. No matter the name, gaining real world experience is vital to practicing your skills, increasing your employability, and building industry connections.

    Hear from peers who've undertaken work experience, find out the avenues they've taken to find their opportunity, learn about their experiences and how they made the most of their time. And find out why host organisations and recruiters believe that internships are important to successful graduate employment and what they're looking for in internship candidates.

    Who should attend: Students interested in internships and getting the most out of their experience.

    When: Monday 31 July 2023, 11:00am to 12:00pm

    Where: Venue will be confirmed as part of registration process


    • Anjini Krishnan, B. Mathematical & Computer Sciences
    • Liam Moss, PHD
    • Manish Khanal, M. Construction Management
    • Nghi Chau, B. Psychological Science
    • Kelly Boots, Senior Consultant Graduate Recruitment, EY (Employer Perspective)


    • Fiona Brammy, Manager of Career ServicesThe University of Adelaide

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  • Jobs of the Future in SA: Space, Defence, Critical Technologies & Innovative Entrepreneurship.

    Want to know more about jobs and career pathways in key sectors of economic and employment growth in South Australia? Interested in how SA is on a trajectory to become a globally connected state of innovation?

    This panel brings together organisations from Lot Fourteen – an innovation district in the heart of Adelaide that is a driving force in South Australia’s economy – to discuss how space, defence, critical technology, and digital entrepreneurship are at the heart of a changing economic landscape, and the job opportunities these industries present for an emerging graduate workforce across all skills and disciplines.

    Who should attend: Everyone! Particularly students looking for a challenging, rewarding career option right here in South Australia!

    When: Monday 31 July 2023, 3:00pm to 4:00pm

    Where: Venue will be confirmed as part of registration process


    • Angus Saunders, Principal Consultant, Chamonix IT Solutions
    • Ben Potter, Chief Technology OfficerFIRCY
    • Dr Ben Sparkes, Quantum Technologies ResearcherDefence Science & Technology Group
    • Julia Miller, Startup Success & Community ManagerStone & Chalk
    • Lauren Springer, Space Technology Officer, Australian Space Agency


    • Fiona Brammy, Manager of Career Services, The University of Adelaide

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  • Confidence Fitness: Build your confidence ‘fitness’ in practical and positive ways.

    Ever feel like you struggle with confidence when it comes to competing for jobs, whether that’s articulating your value in applications and interviews, or ‘standing out’ in assessment centres or networking opportunities? Perhaps you feel like your naturally shy and quiet nature puts you at a professional disadvantage in the workplace; you’re worried about sharing ideas and opinions, or fear presentations and public speaking?

    Sharon Ferrier from Persuasive Presentations will lead you through an actionable masterclass on building your confidence ‘fitness’, providing you with insight and strategies to train your confidence ‘muscle’, overcome the limiting beliefs holding you back, stretch yourself without anxiety or fear, and develop your own personal understanding of what confidence looks like for YOU.

    Who should attend: Anyone who is looking to build their own confidence, either personally or professionally.

    When: Tuesday 1 August 2023, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

    Where: Venue will be confirmed as part of registration process

    Presenter: Sharon Ferrier, Persuasive Presentations

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  • Where Paycheck Meets Purpose: Develop your green skills and create a sustainable future with green jobs.

    According to the latest 2023 LinkedIn Global Green Skills Report, green skills are now a requirement in 1 in 4 jobs posted on the platform. That should come as no surprise as closely linked to the future of work is the future of our planet.

    Thankfully, South Australia is at the forefront of a transition towards an economy based on sustainability, leading to the creation of new jobs and the growth of the green sector, as well as the greening of existing jobs and traditional sectors. The economic opportunities tied to creating a sustainable future are vast! This has in turn created a demand for talent and skills across all fields and disciplines.

    If you’re passionate about sustainability, concerned for the future of our planet, or simply want to learn more about career pathways in an emerging green sector, or the skills you need to be relevant in a green economy, make sure you come along to this session! Our panel members, who represent the vanguard of the green transition, are here to offer their insights, perspectives and advice to those wanting to understand more about the skills they need for an economy of the future and to those hoping that paycheck and purpose can align.

    Who should attend: Anyone interested in sustainability and the future of our planet, and how it impacts the future of work or anyone wanting to learn more about in-demand green skills. 

    When: Tuesday 1 August 2023, 3:00pm to 4:00pm

    Where: Venue will be confirmed as part of registration process


    • Allys Todd, Director CEO & FounderVal.Ai
    • Dr Jennifer de Livera, Director of Environmental ServicesRenewal SA
    • Mark Anderson, Operations ManagerConservation SA
    • Thomas Daly, Senior Project Development ManagerNeoen Australia 
    • Tyler Hill, Civil Engineer & National Sustainability CoordinatorTonkin


    • Michelle McKinnon, Career Educator, The University of Adelaide

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  • Clifton Strengths Workshop: Discover Your Talent DNA!

    Are you sick of feeling like everyone focuses on weaknesses? Do you ever wonder why we don't focus on the things we do well? In this session, Strengths Coaches, Anthea D'Aloia & Alexis McKay, will show you why focusing on strengths will help you reach your goals quicker than managing your weaknesses.

    You've probably heard of psychometric tests and personality tests, and you've probably even done some of them. The Clifton Strengths Assessment takes your understanding of yourself to another level! 

    The 34 Clifton Strengths Themes Explain Your Talent DNA:

    When you take the Clifton Strengths Assessment, you uncover your unique combination of 34 Clifton Strengths themes.

    The themes, which sort into four domains - Strategic Thinking, Relationship Building, Influencing & Executing - are a culmination of decades of research led by Don Clifton to study and categorize the talents of the world's most successful people.

    Together, the themes explain a simple but profound element of human behavior: what's right with people.

    Individually, each theme gives you a way to describe what you naturally do best or what you might need help from others to accomplish.

    Understanding your strengths unlocks your potential, transforming it into performance and allowing you to succeed at Uni or at work and live your best life possible. ​​​​​

    Because Clifton Strengths focuses on your greatest opportunities for development and success (rather than on your weaknesses), you can use your unique talent DNA to excel on the pathway you’re on right now as well as to discover the pathway that best aligns with your strengths.

    Who should attend: Anyone looking to live their best life by discovering their strengths and how to use them to tackle Uni, work, relationships and more.

    When: Wednesday 2 August 2023, 11:00am to 12:30pm*

    Where: Venue will be confirmed as part of registration process

    Facilitators: Anthea D’Aloia & Alexis McKay

    *PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible to attend this workshop, an online Strengths Assessment must be completed.  Please request access to the Strengths Assessment before Monday 31st July 3pm.  


  • Skills of the Future: How AI is changing the future of work and the skills you need to stay ahead of the game.

    The rapid advancement of AI is transforming the job market, challenging traditional roles, and redefining the nature of work as we know it. While this comes with its challenges and concerns about the impact on the human workforce, it also presents opportunities as it generates the creation of new jobs and demands the development of new and existing skill sets.

    With insight from recruiters and graduate development experts, this session aims to explore the future of work as driven by the AI revolution as well as the digital and human-centric skills that are expected to be in high demand in the coming years, that will help you remain relevant and indispensable in a changing economic landscape.

    Who should attend: Everyone! Particularly students who are interested in developing in-demand skills for a future job market.

    When: Wednesday 2 August 2023, 3:30pm to 4:30pm

    Where: Venue will be confirmed as part of registration process


    • Feras Dayoub, Senior LecturerAustralian Institute of Machine Learning
    • Julian Crea, Talent Acquisition Lead, PwC
    • Luca Gnezda, Managing Director & FounderTaptu & Head Full of Heart
    • Steve Zidek, Advisor & Manager - Technology & Data StrategyPwC
    • Zoe Smit, Solutions Delivery Manager - Digital IntegrationsSLB


    • Emma Hale, Career EducatorThe University of Adelaide

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  • Personal Branding: Key Steps to Start Building Your Personal Brand

    Ever wondered what a personal brand is, what the point of it is, and how to build it? According to a Harvard Business Review article, while reputation and personal brand might seem interchangeable, they are not one and the same.  Where reputation is about credibility, your personal brand is about visibility and the values you outwardly represent. In other words, while reputation is made up of the opinions and beliefs people form about you, your personal brand is intentional – it is how you want people to see you.

    As our session expert, Dianne Baruch, writes, ‘You already have a personal brand. Personal branding is simply choosing to be intentional about what it represents.’ It’s clear then, that before you can craft and cultivate your brand, you need to define your strengths, beliefs, values, mission and vision so that you can outwardly express who you are and what you're about. This session will guide you through the steps you need to start building your personal brand.

    Who should attend: Anyone who is curious about what a personal brand is, why it’s significant to your professional life, and how to define and build your brand.

    When: Thursday 3 August, 11:30am - 12:30pm

    Where: Venue will be confirmed as part of registration process

    Presenter: Dianne Baruch, Personal Brand Coach

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  • International Student Panel Session: Develop Career Readiness before Graduation

    We understand that finding a job as an international student in Australia can be challenging. Developing career readiness before graduation is important to maximising your potential for future career opportunities.

    The International Student Panel Session is designed to provide international students with valuable career advice and insights from fellow international students and recent graduates. Recognizing that international students are not merely here for overseas study but also to seek meaningful and rewarding professional development, this event aims to equip you with the necessary resources and knowledge to navigate the path towards a fulfilling career.

    Who should attend: International students who need practical career advice and inspiration.

    When: Thursday 3 August, 4:00pm - 5:00pm

    Where: Venue will be confirmed as part of registration process

    Panellists: Neha Wali, Software Engineer, Flybuys
    Samriddhi Chaurasia, Recent Graduate 
    (Master of Accounting and Finance)
                   and more (TBC)

    Register to secure your spot: Book here

  • Personas & Pathways in the IT Industry: Discover the IT Career Pathway for YOU!

    The IT industry is vast and expansive, and career pathways can seem confusing and overwhelming. Where do you fit in this vast industry, and where will you thrive? Just as vital as the theories and concepts acquired at university as a student is understanding how to translate your skills, knowledge, inclinations, and strengths to the real world as a professional.

    Luca Gnezda, Managing Director of Taptu, is here to walk you through this maze of options by helping you discover the key functions of the IT industry and their personas and how this relates to you as an individual. Come confused and leave (more) confident about the IT career pathway for YOU!

    Who should attend: Students curious about or considering a career in IT or Digital Technology.

    When: Friday 4 August, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

    Where: Venue will be confirmed as part of registration process

    Presenter: Luca Gnezda, Taptu

    Register to secure your spot: Book here

  • Demystifying Consulting: Learn about the world of consulting and the competencies you need to be in ‘the business of expertise.’

    Consulting – the “C” word that denotes images of prestige, big-name firms, and a high-flying lifestyle. This panel sessions aims to shed some light on this seemingly glamorous profession and to discover what consulting really entails across different sectors.

    If you’re at all curious about what a consultant does on a day-to-day basis, what the pathways are into a career in consulting, what competencies and skills you need to be successful in that profession, then this is the session for you! With panellists from the education, sustainability, business, IT, engineering and finance sector, there’s something for everyone to learn.

    Who should attend:  Students interested in learning more about consultancy or the advisory business.

    When: Friday 4 August 2023, 3:00pm to 4:00pm

    Where: Venue will be confirmed as part of registration process


    • Angus Saunders, Principal ConsultantChamonix IT Solutions
    • Christian Gaszner, Senior ConsultantEscient
    • Kate Gabell, Associate, Program AdvisoryAurecon
    • Kaushik Bilimoria, Sustainability Consultant, 2XE
    • Xuan Lam, Senior ConsultantDVE Business Solutions


    • Fiona Brammy, Manager of Career ServicesThe University of Adelaide

    Register here to secure your spot: Book here

  • Take Part in the Daily LinkedIn Competition

    If you don't yet have a LinkedIn profile, this might be a good time to create one.

    Not only are we offering free LinkedIn profile photos in the Hub during Grow Your Career Week, but you can also take part in the Grow Your Career Week LinkedIn Competition where you can stand a chance to win a $100 JB Hi-Fi voucher daily!

    All you need to do is:

    1. Register for and attend a GYCW session.

    2. Upload a LinkedIn post about the session you attended that day with written content and an image, with the hashtag #GYCW2023.

    You have till 11.59 PM to upload a post about a session that you attended that day to go into the draw to win the daily prize of a $100 JB Hi-Fi voucher.

    A winning post from the day's sessions will be chosen daily, and the winner will be notified by email the next day.


Grow Your Career Week - Hub Central activations

  • LinkedIn photos

    Tuesday 1st & Friday 4th August 11am - 2pm

    You are invited to have a free professional headshot taken for your LinkedIn profile.

    While you're at it, don't forget to enter the daily LinkedIn Competition to stand a chance to win a $100 JB Hi-Fi voucher every single day! Check out the details above.

    Details 1 August

    Details 4 August

  • Conversation wall

    Monday 1st to Friday 4th August

    We would love to hear what you are doing, or what you will do to grow your career. Add your idea to the conversation wall and go into the draw to win a daily prize of free University of Adelaide merch and a $50 JB Hi-Fi voucher!

    Details here

  • Boost your skills and experience

    Monday 31st July 11am - 1pm (Skills)
    Wednesday 2nd August 11am - 1pm (Experience)

    Drop in and ask questions and receive advice relating to building your skills, experience and employability and be rewarded with a Boost chocolate bar.

    Boost your skills
    Boost your experience

  • Competitions: Top 100 Future Leaders & Westpac Future Leaders

    Thursday 3rd August 11am - 1pm

    Visit the Pop-Shop tp speak with our Career Educators about the annual Top 100 Future Leaders Competition and the Westpac Future Leaders Competition.

    Details here