ANAT SC 4000B - Honours Anatomical Sciences Part 2

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2015

The aims of the Honours program in the School of Medical Sciences are: To develop the basic skills required for the practice of scientific research; to promote an appreciation of the scientific method and the application of problem solving strategies in science; to enhance the competitiveness of our graduates in obtaining appropriate employment; To instil and reaffirm the independence of the student in their academic aspirations. Objectives for Honours students are: to demonstrate an original and critical approach in the assimilation of the current state of knowledge in a particular discipline of research; to appreciate current gaps in our understanding and the future areas for experimental investigation in a particular discipline of research to demonstrate mastery of the basic techniques required for the experimental study of a research question to develop a rigorous, methodical and ethical approach to the maintenance of laboratory records and the collection, storage and analysis of experimental data; to develop the capacity to identify and evaluate a problem and define the important elements required for its solution; to communicate scientific information clearly and concisely in written and spoken English. These Aims and Objectives align with a Level 5 expectation from the University of Adelaide Research Skills Development framework. The educational ethos of the Honours program in the School of Medical Sciences is to encourage facilitated evolution of the student, supported by teaching workshops and the provision of access to experienced research mentors. The Honours program is of 40 weeks duration commencing February/March for normal intake or July/August for mid-year intake. Prospective candidates should consult the Discipline or School Honours coordinator and the potential supervisor(s) towards the end of their final year of the degree program in order to secure a place in the Honours program.

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