DENT 4100BHO - Honours Dentistry Part 2

Teaching Hospitals - Semester 2 - 2015

Candidates may, with the approval of the Head of Department, enrol in the Honours Dentistry program after they have successfully completed third year, or after they have obtained the degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery or equivalent. Under certain circumstances, candidates who have obtained an degree in another Faculty may be admitted to an Honours program in Dentistry. Candidates may choose as their principal area of study one of the current research thrusts of the Dental School. Candidates will be required to undertake on a full time basis for one year (or half-time if approved by the Dean], a program of study which may include essays, seminars, laboratory work, clinical work and a research project under the supervision of a member of the School. A candidate may be required to undertake such formal courses of study in related courses as are deemed desirable. Prospective candidates are advised to consult the Dean of the Dental School and staff members in the year preceding the honours year to discuss the area of proposed study. ANAT SC 4000A/B Honours Anatomical Sciences BIOCHEM 4000A/B Honours Biochemistry DENT 4100A/B Honours Dentistry GENETICS 4005A/B Honours Genetics PATHOL 4000A/B Honours Pathology PHARM 4000A/B Pharmacology

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