MANAGEMT 7039NA - Management of Change

Ngee Ann Academy - Trimester 2 - 2016

The course information on this page is being finalised for 2016. Please check again before classes commence.

The objectives of this course are to explore approaches to understanding and to managing the organizational change process, and to identify practical approaches to effective change implementation. The course will strike a balance between theory and research on the one hand, and practical management tools and techniques on the other. The course will consider management skills in change implementation as well as the organisation's ability to encourage innovation, and to cope with change. One integrating theme of the course will be the expertise of the change agent, the nature of that expertise, and how it can be developed. A second integrating theme will concern the organizational attributes that either encourage or stifle creativity, innovation, and change, and how to develop creative organization cultures that are receptive to innovation and change.

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