MANAGEMT 7072 - Management Project (Research)

North Terrace Campus - Trimester 1 - 2020

This course draws on the work undertaken in the core MBA courses. It provides an opportunity for an individual student or a team of 3-5 students to complete an applied research project based on a business problem or issue. Students may choose either a case study project which analyses a real-world management problem or a project which undertakes the investigation of a particular problem or issue and makes relevant recommendations. A program of activities will be completed and lead to a case or project report. The written report will contain findings, analysis and recommendations on the problem under investigation. Where a student or team of students choose to write a management case study for assessment, the final report will consist of a written case together with separate analysis. The Course Coordinator must approve the project before beginning. Each project will be allocated an academic project supervisor. The scope of the project and the assessment will vary according to whether the project is to be completed by an individual student or a team.

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