PETROENG 7038 - Well Testing and Pressure Transient Analysis

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2019

The course first introduces the purpose of well testing and the basic methodology. The theory and fundamental equations, as well as various understanding analytical solutions are covered before introducing specific analysis techniques for homogeneous oil and gas reservoirs. Non-homogeneous situations and more advanced topics are also covered. Assumptions made in deriving equations and solutions and models used in test interpretation are stressed. Operational aspects are covered in terms of test design and use of specialised testing equipment. The course covers well test objectives and concepts; fluid flow equations and fundamental solutions; classical methods for drawdown and build-up analysis, bounded reservoirs, gas well testing, dual-porosity, hydraulic fractures, interference and pulse testing, test design. Overview of practical methods, some field examples and browsing the commercial software will introduce students into practice of well testing and pressure transient analysis.

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