COMMERCE 7106 - Advanced Readings (M)

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2015

The primary objectives of this course are that students will: Become familiar with their intended area of research; Gain a general overview of the research area and undertake a critical assessment of the relevant literature; Gain skills in preparing an in-depth literature review and presenting a research paper; Become familiar with accessing and searching electronic and other databases of business literature; Compile comprehensive reference lists based on their search of literature; Write a clear and concise review of the literature relevant to their intended research project; Explain in writing the basic purpose and significance of their research project in the context of past work in the field. Students will need to discuss possible research topics with appropriate staff members to identify a supervisor. References, resources and the reading material will be specific to a project and will need to be discussed with the research supervisor. -Seminars and workshops will be conducted covering library search techniques, referencing, and preparing and presenting a research proposal.

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