C&ENVENG 2070 - Engineering Modelling & Analysis II

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2016

The course information on this page is being finalised for 2016. Please check again before classes commence.

This course extends Engineering Modelling and Analysis 1A and presents a range of practical modelling and analysis methods that are used to solve engineering problems. The course content includes: roots of equations; systems of linear equations; numerical integration and differentiation; numerical solution of differential equations; Fourier transform spectral methods; basic probability theory and statistics, common probability distributions; Monte Carlo simulation. The course will also provide further training in programming skills, including in Fortran-90 and Excel / Visual Basic as required. It is expected that students will have already undertaken a basic course in programming, such as EMA-1A, and basic mathematics, such as MATHS 1011 and MATHS 1012.

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