MINING 4102 - Mine Geotechnical Engineering

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2014

Mining methods selection - core geotechnical risks; rock mass discontinuity mapping techniques; collection, analysis and application of geotechnical data (incl. basic statistics); rock mass classification systems - practical applications; excavation stability and spans - application to soft and hard rock; rock reinforcement and support - soft and hard rock; mine fill design and applications; coal pillar mechanics and design; longwall geomechanics; caving mechanics - hard rock; subsidence; dynamic events: seismicity, rock bursts, airblasts and outbursts; slope stability - soft and hard rock; instrumentation and monitoring; application of numerical methods to mine design; hazard assessment / ground control management / risk mitigation; case studies in numerical modelling; industry presentations/case studies. This course provides students with a practical understanding of the application of geotechnical engineering principles in mining from the perspective of planning, design and operations. This course covers soft and hard rock, as well as underground and open-cut mining systems.

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