PSYCHOL 6022 - Foundations of Perception & Cognition

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2014

This course builds on the course components of the biological bases of behaviour, perception, and cognition studied in Psychology IA and Psychology IB or Introductory Psychology. The aim of this course is to build a solid foundation in both perception and cognition. Students will examine how the brain processes sensory information to create a coherent representation of the environment and to allow individuals to perform daily activities. Students will explore the visual system from the simple detection of light to using visual information to control movements and will examine topics in cognition such as attention, memory, concept learning, judgement and decision making, and language. The focus will be upon understanding basic principles and theories as well as their potential application to real world problems such as eyewitness testimony, autobiographical memory, language development and problem solving. Previous or concurrent enrolment in PSYCHOL 6020 - Doing Research in Psychology is assumed.

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