COMMERCE 7043 - Global Food & Agric Business Research Project

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2015

Students analyse real-world food or agricultural business problems, issues or strategic opportunities. They have the opportunity to choose between two types of research projects. The first option involves conducting a case study related to and possibly working with an existing business or a proposed business venture. Students apply and utilize the appropriate conceptual and theoretical models and skills to address the relevant issue or opportunity the business is facing. The second research project option involves investigating a current food industry or agribusiness issue through primary data collection (e.g. conducting a survey) or the use of secondary data. This option may require the use of decision-support systems and/or statistical software. Students work with an academic supervisor to identify a research project in an area of interest to both the student and faculty member. The academic supervisor provides guidance and advice on content, methodology, literature, tools, techniques, models and frameworks. Students are expected to meet at least fortnightly with their supervisor.

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