MINING 7063 - Mining in a Global Environment

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2015

International perspective of mining globally; governance issues in developing countries; financing international mining projects - roles of government and private banks - equator principles; the role, responsibilities and influence of major mining companies in developing countries; small scale mining - importance and role of large companies, blood diamonds - blood gold - Kimberley process; cross cultural management - theory and practice; environmental economics - e.g. resources rich versus resources poor countries - the resource curse?; social impact of mining on women - gender and the mining industry; principles of community engagement in international settings, the role of NGO, living and working with indigenous peoples; health issues and safety in developing countries; climate change and implications for Australia and global mining companies e.g. Hunder Valley coal producers; China and India and their influence. This course provides students with the tools necessary to meet the challenges of working for mining companies as mining engineers and managers in an international (and/or remote Australian) setting. The focus will be on developing countries and an aim will be to draw comparisons between the Australian and international contexts. The course will draw extensively on case studies.

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