PETROENG 7055 - Master of Petroleum Project A

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2014

This course offers students the opportunity to carry out a mini-research project or to undertake self-directed, detailed exploration a topic of interest. Students are strongly encouraged to develop their own proposals in line with current or expected professional interests. The final project title and outline must be approved by the Academic Director of the program. It shall be conducted under the supervision of one of the academic staff and may be under-taken outside the University (for example, with an industrial host or sponsor) so long as adequate contact is maintained with the academic supervisor. Evaluation of the project will be conducted jointly by the relevant academic staff and industry practitioners. Students wishing to do a 6 unit project, if approved by the program academic director, should also enrol in PETROENG 7056, Project B. In this case, it will normally be expected that a single 6 unit project is carried out (as opposed to two separate 3 unit projects).

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