TRADE 7004 - Principles of International Trade and Development

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2014

This course is concerned with the relationship between trade and development, and more specifically with development-related issues in the WTO and regional trade arrangements. The course will provide an overview of how trade can contribute to achieving economic growth and more sustainable and equitable development when framed by the appropriate domestic and international policies and measures. It will analyse how the GATT/WTO system has evolved to take into account the interests and concerns of developing countries. Development-related issues currently being treated in the WTO will be presented and discussed, with particular attention paid to the work program on special and differential treatment; the different developmental aspects of the DDA negotiations, including agriculture, NAMA and services; and the Trade Facilitation initiative. It concludes with an analysis of appropriate trade related development strategies to enhance more sustainable and equitable economic development.

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